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Full Wrecker Service

The one thing we believe has helped set us apart from the rest of the towing solutions you may find in Preston and surrounding areas is our ability to provide you, our client, with a holistic range of solutions. We do not care what you need to be towed. This is because we know we have just the right solution to get the job done in an efficient, professional, and cost-effective manner. Below you will find a bit more detail regarding what we are able to bring to the table. You may just be surprised at what we can achieve.

RV Towing

These vehicles can come in many different shapes and sizes. From small trailers weighing less than 1OOOlbs, to mammoths that can weigh up to 1OOOO lbs. Each would require its own specific solution. This will ensure that not only does the job get done right, but you have one less thing to worry about. So should you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, rest assured that we are just a phone call away and we will do our absolute best to either get you on your way or at least tow your vehicle to a safe destination.

18 Wheeler Towing

To move the biggest, you need the biggest. But you also need a plan. Remember when one is towing an 18 wheeled monster, you are projecting a very large target to other road users. This increases the danger levels for both you and them. This is why our 18 wheeler recovery service puts safety at the forefront as you have never seen before. We guarantee that not only will your piece of expensive machinery arrive safely to be repaired, but you will once and for all know who the best is. So the next time you are blocking an intersection, you know who to call.

Box Truck Towing

Do you know those trucks that look like they have boxes on the back? The ones that scurry up and down our cities and neighborhoods ensuring our supply lines are kept open. Well sometimes these guys break down or themselves are involved in accidents. They cant be towed by normal means, so here at  Preston Road Towing Pros, we have developed a wide variety of professional towing techniques to handle any sized box truck. Ensuring we do our part when it comes to keeping the supply lines open. So save our number in your office, or ask your employees to save it on their phones. We promise it will come in handy soon.

Everything Else

Now the above is not the only service we have on offer. These are just some fun ones we thought we would share with you. We also offer all the normal solutions you would expect, like light vehicles or flatbeds, but we are also able to tow things like boats or caravans. Anything possible can be towed, to be honest. So all you have to do is give us a call today and our experts will be more than happy to run you through our list if you are unsure. We promise you your ideal solution is around the corner.

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