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Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

This solution was specifically designed to provide our commercial and industrial clients with the heavy-duty towing solutions they so need. One needs to understand that when you are working with these massive machines, you always have to do so safely and professionally. You can also rest assured that we can handle even the heaviest commercial loads. No matter what it takes ladies and gents, we will make sure it gets done. Please have a look below to gain a deeper insight into what we are able to offer. If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to contact our clients immediately.

What Can It Handle?

This is always the first question our clients ask us. Our answer is always the same. You just relax, and let us handle the rest. We have designed this solution to handle any shape or size. From tractors to garbage trucks. School buses to semi-trailers, and anything else you can throw at us. We even offer a regular, contracted recovery service should you need it. So rather than panic the next time something goes wrong, just give us a call and let us put a plan in place just in case. Rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.


This is by far one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to ensuring your heavy-duty towing job runs the way it should. We have seen too many instances where things have gone horribly wrong. It is all about combing torque with boom resistance and wheel lift capacity. Our boom lifts for instance can handle up to 25 tons. Whilst our wheel lifts can handle 6 tons. We can top find the right combination to ensure your every need is met. So know that you know we can deal with any sized load, what are you waiting for?


We are not many of you would have heard of this towing solution before, but we are sure you have seen it. These are those massive trucks you see with a crane-type device on the back. This arm can end up to 3Oft, and rotate 36O degrees. It is great for getting vehicles out of situations where a normal tow truck just will not do. It is just better positioned to handle those more difficult roadside situations. To see what else this specialized solution can offer, just give us a call or get yourself stuck in an awkward situation. Either way, you will be nothing but satisfied. 

Specialty Does Not Mean Special

If one is using their logic, you can easily think to yourself that specialized services such as these do not come cheap. Anybody that tells you any different is cutting corners, and do you want to cave a quick but when dealing with such dangerous and heavy loads. Whilst we can promise you we are not the cheapest, we can also promise you that you will not find a more value-added solution anywhere else. We have found the perfect balance between cost and quality. See for yourself today by giving us a call.

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